Welcome to Employer's Claim Service

A personalized local TPA (Third Party Administrator) for employers self-insuring their Workers’ Compensation.

That is what we know and have been doing extremely well for over 25 years. Because we are small, we are attentive and flexible to our customer's needs and our clients never feel like they are just another account.

Employer's Claim Service is known for flexibility, individualized service and customer satisfaction.

Our goals are the same as yours. We want to reduce your costs and improve your level of service and communication. We want to pay legitimate claims and fight the claims that need to be disputed. Because we are not a national company with high overhead, we can afford to charge you less.

Our level of service and communication will be consistent because one adjuster is assigned to your account and will handle all of your claims. With ECS, you will not deal with numerous adjusters being assigned to your account. We do not have the high adjuster turn over rate the national companies have. The average length adjusters have been employed at ECS is 12 years. Most organizations prefer to list a high “years of experience” instead of the more important statistic, “the length of employment”.

Your claims will be handled promptly and correctly, which will result in lower costs. All checks are written out of our office and medical bills are reviewed by our PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) on-site and are paid within the week they are received.

Our report capabilities are unsurpassed. They are useful, easy to read and are beneficial for loss control and charge backs to location/sub-location/department/etc.

Clients of ECS have access to a dedicated server which allows them to view individual claims and generate any of the same reports we are capable of running.

Serving Illinois employers for over 25 years…

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