What ECS Can Do For You... Illinois is all we know and do. We know and use every advantage under the Act to force cost effective resolutions of claims Knowing how attorneys receive their fees is key.

Since we are not a regional or national TPA, we are more than flexible to meet our client’s specific needs. As a local and specialized claim administrator, Our Survival Depends on You... Our Customer. We are uniquely equipped to accommodate each client’s business philosophy specifications; and will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

One adjuster will handle all of your claims (medical only, indemnity and legal) for consistency, credibility and ease of communication. You will reach a live person when you call ECS. Our adjusters cannot hide behind voice mail because we don’t have it.

You won’t experience the high adjuster turnover regional and national TPAs do because the average length of employment of adjusters at ECS is over 12 years. You may rely on relationship longevity with your assigned adjuster; a guarantee unparalleled in our industry.

Our clients have electronic access to individual claim files, adjuster file notes, issues in dispute, reserve and reserve history, records of payments (including check copy, EOB and the actual bill) along withl correspondence sorted by 16 categories. Specific correspondence is easily located without wading through multiple adjuster notepad entries.

ECS report capabilities are second to none. Our clients can generate any of the same easy to understand reports we are capable of producing and we don’t charge a large licensing or administration fee.

We are an independent organization without affiliation to any provider whose services may be charged back to the claim file, this avoids any potential conflict of interest.

Re-pricing of medical bills per-line instead of costly percentage of savings.

Benchmarking analysis, so you can see how you compare to your peers.

Become self-administered or semi self-administered and manage your own Workers’ Compensation claims with our proven, time tested software. Workers’
Compensation Claim Tracking System will eliminate the inconsistencies and the high adjuster turnover of your Workers’ Compenstion third party administrator.

Illinois Workers' Compensation Claim Tracking Software

Your Satisfaction is our Priority…

Our service fees are less because we don’t have to fund a
marketing department. Our new business is based on our
capabilities to service it, not a promise of a sales person,
who needs to make the sale.

• We would not pursue an account that we would not be able to
service properly because our long-standing excellent reputation
is far more important than a short-term capital gain.

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of claim (recorded) by Medcor, Inc.

Self-Administered or considering self-administration of your Workers’ Compensation claims? Use the same proven software developed and used by ECS. It does it all, is easy to use and is a paperless system. Instead of a large upfront capital expenditure, lease it for a low monthly fee.